2 Slay Queens Fight Over A Man In Ikorodu – Watch Video

A video making waves online show two slay queens fighting in a car while being recorded. According to reports, the two ladies were fighting over a guy, who must have deceived them both and they decided to pour the heat on each other.

From the background conversation, it was discovered that one of the girls is named Juilet and she was almost unclad, dealing punches to her enemy while asking if she was in her right senses.

The so-called man they were fighting over was no where in sight, however the ladies seemed ready to fight till one of them gives up and resolves to stay away from the man.

One of the guys present can be heard asking and stating that the ladies were fighting over boyfriend and according to him, were just embarrassing themselves. This was however the least of Juilet’s worry, who responded saying she was ready for the other girl who was on the receiving end of her blows.

Watch video below;

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